Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That Infernal Online Password

Who hasn't gone through this? i just had to change my NCB passwords yet again a few days ago--and why do you have to start from scratch each time? i mean if you get one letter wrong, it erases all the info entered obliging you to type it in again...and again...and again--

This Indian comic really expresses that exasperated feeling we all know so well.

software, usability, security, registration, password, rules, security vs usability

Fly You Fools - Indian Comics about Life.


Veerle said...

Couldn't resist posting this here (pertains to an earlier post)


Happy Holidays and New Year to all, no matter where 2009 takes us!

owen said...

Happy Holidays !

Annie Paul said...

yes, of course to you all and everyone--